Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I do like looking at people's faces.Through their eyes I could read their life stories and feel the drama they had lived so far.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Note (6): Palestine

Note (6): Palestine

Palestine has more than death and destruction to talk about, Palestine is where I can write, tweet, and enjoy the fact of being Palestinian. Palestine is where I can say everyday that I am proud for being Ola the daughter of Farhat and Hind. Palestine is where I can declare that I am proud for being from Hebron. Palestine is where I can enjoy my coffee whether I am alone or with my family and my friends. Palestine is where I can meet the most inspirational people in the world. Palestine is where I can hear the most passionate stories in the world. Palestine is where I want to die and bury in. Palestine where is my soul will remain forever.

Note (5): Hebron "Al-Khalil"

Note (5): Hebron

I am not allowed to walk whenever I want in Hebron Old City alleys. About 400 settlers are occupying the old city and preventing me from getting knows where my father and uncles spent their childhood. 


Note (4): Jerusalem

Note (4): Jerusalem

The last time I visited Jerusalem was in 1999. I have not entered Jerusalem for eleven years.
Every time I cross the road from Ramallah to Hebron, I keep moving around Jerusalem for almost 70 minutes without being able to drink a cup of coffee there.

Note (3): Better than Death

Note (3): Better than Death

Spring is not my favorite season. I do love winter and I like walking under rain with friends.  It seems contradicted and weird to like winter more than spring. We are different, so it is normal to have different points of view. What I am trying to say is that we can love whatever season, if we could find something distinguished in it. Although I like winter, I started to change my mind and like spring. These days I am finding out so many distinguished things about spring in Palestine. Simply speaking, I have found more creative, inspirational, productive, passionate people are planning for building better life for the next generations. In 2011 spring, I have found that Palestine has things better than death and destruction. Palestine has its loyal sons and daughters who work hard to build their country and be human beings.

Note (2) : Our Silence is our Nakba

Note (2): Our Silence is our Nakba

Once upon a time, I have realized that being silent is the most dangerous crime can a human being do to harm humanity. In our case in Palestine, things are different and somehow complicated as some could say, but I could say that things are simple as much as we can imagine, but the problem implies in our silence. Suffering without expressing the painful of that suffering is the main Nakba we live since 1917. The Nakba remains as long as we keep on being silent.  Our silence is our Nakba.  Are you going to be silent for the rest of your life? I suppose that you are not going to contribute in destroying your country through being silent.

Notes From Palestine

Note (1): It is all About Being a Human Being!

It is all about being a human being. I wonder what kind of people we are, are we really human beings, or something else? It is strange to ask this kind of questions. I do strongly believe that we are human beings. I do say and ask because I need an answer from the people who claim that they are democratic, and seek to spread democracy concept all over the world. Does democracy tell to keep killing people in Gaza in such ugly way? Does Democracy want to teach us that being under siege at your village is  very normal situation for human beings ?

ربيع جديد

ربيع بنكهة فلسطينية 

النكهة الأولى

لا أدري كيف يمكنني التعبير عما يجول في داخلي وأنا أعيش ربيعاً جديداً في فلسطين التي طالما تسألت لماذا يبدو الربيع فيها كئيباً ولا يعدو كونه فصلاً عابراً كغيره من الفصول ..... عندما يقرر الشباب الحديث عن التغيير والإبداع والشغف والإلهام ومشاركته مع عالم يسعى لإحداث تغيير في خارطة تاريخ البشرية , فإنني أجرؤ على القول بأنني أعيش ربيعاً جديداً بنكهة فلسطينية خالصة ممزوجة بروح تسعى لخلق فرص جديدة ليس فقط لأبناء هذا الجيل وإنما لأجيال قادمة تستحق حياة ومستقبلاً أفضل.