Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome to my blog

It is my first blog. Usually people do not know what to write or what to say in every first step in their life, but they are always sure that they know what they are going to do next days. I am a girl; I like the fact of being a girl. My mother language is Arabic; I use English language a lot these days because I feel that I am not strong enough to use my Arabic language to express what is in my little mind. On the other hand, I am afraid in using Arabic in wrong context, thus I do harm my mother language. Whenever I feel that I must use Arabic I will do that.

Kharbashat is what I do when I need to understand what's going on a round me. It is a kind of writing fragments as some people like to call it. But I feel comfort with my Kharbashat. I express what I feel, without being afraid of any expected obstacles.