Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things Fall Apart


In 8th August, 2010 i wrote the following Kharbashat,   

I would like to thank my comparative literature class teacher (Dr. Adel Al-Atawneh) for giving us a chance to read Chinua Achebe's novel Things Fall Apart. Since reading this novel I started using the title as a description for situation in Palestine. I do not mean only the political situation since I do not like any aspect of our False Palestinian Politics. Every thing falls apart, even my daily schedules. Things fall apart in a rapid rate; we need at least five strong earthquakes to make things fall apart. But in my country we used something else stronger than earthquakes to make things fall apart. I feel sad for this situation, but I am not going to cry. I am going to talk more and more about these miserable contradictions.

When I switch on the T.V on Palestine channel I feel that I am living in a place out of the galaxy. I do not know from where I got this strange feeling, but I like it . This feeling makes me away from the endless contradictions in our life.  Recently the developmental projects in our land became more than the massacres that Israel carried out. I wish to know why MR. Fayyad insists to open sport centers and rehabilitee the roads which Israel forced us to cross. For example, last week he was in Hebron to open a new sport center which coasted about a million dollar according to Hebron Municipality reports. Every body was happy, I do not know why people were happy while we do not play or have strong connection to sport. I wish to have an answer to my new question. Why do we build a center coast a million dollar while we can not offer all people in the city with their needs of water?

Do water supplies need less than million dollars to be offered? Or, sport centers are more important than water supplies?
It is the land of contradictions; every thing is possible to happen.