Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My dear parrots

"I do not know what's going" …..This is my famous statement. I always say this statement when I do not know or I do not understand what's going on. In fact I do know and do understand what's going on, but I do not know how to express how much I am shocked. I am always shocked because finally I realized that I live in Palestine, not the holy land as some people like to call it.
I do not feel comfort in my home, for example, I am not courage enough to make a revolution. The only place I can make my own revolution is my computer.

May be it is very complicated, or may be I am the one who complicates things. Every negative thing is possible to happen in Palestine. I used to say that Palestine is my first and last homeland, but not the current. I stopped mentioning this statement because many people understood it negatively.
I am a passive person. Passive in my love to Palestine, I do not like to participate in the national festivals, holding the banners and keep saying some silly slogans like parrots. (My dear parrots I am so sorry for using you in negative context. But you are the only birds that can talk, Also a lot of people in my country trying to imitate you. In my people behave; I do strongly apologize for this irresponsible Imitation and stealing your copy rights of imitation.)

Since 1948, we did not do any thing positive to please Palestine, thus Palestine started to punish us. The right reaction of this punishment is to stop asking why Palestine punishing her children, because we are not children any more. We are adults, we have minds, and thus we are responsible of every small step we take.

I graduated in May, 2010. I am extremely lazy person; I did not make any attempt to join one of Mr. Fayad's ministries to work. I am unemployment person. I am comfort right now, Anne Frank said "lazy is attractive, and work is satisfied." I do not want Mr. Fayyad to be part of my work satisfaction.
Well, I am not lazy, but some one forced me to be so. I do not want to join the governmental system in my country, not because it is very corrupted, but also I do not want to be part of that corruption.