Friday, May 4, 2012

Our up-coming rising \ Open Hunger Strike

The Ongoing Open Hunger Strike that is lead by more than 3500 Palestinian prisoners since 17-4-2012 is one of the most inspirational stages in Palestinians history, especially in the last 10 years. 

Khader Adnan, Hana Shalabi, Thaer Halahleh, Bilal Theyab, Ja'afer Izz Deen , Hasan Safadi, AbduAllah Barghouti, and Ahmad Saa'dat , are the new leaders who are moving the Palestinian popular movement. This Open hunger strike changed many things on popular levels. For example, the deep awareness of people about the issue of prisoners as an issue of Human rights. 

Everyday we witness a lot activities in many places all around the world to support this issue .. What I have seen during the last three months is somehow different of what some media agencies trying to tell the rest of world about .. 

In local villages and street people are supporting each other. They are caring more than PA for the health and issue of prisoners' rights .. In local villages there is no care for what Fatah and Hamas do to end the partition. Simply speaking , people started taking action by themselves without caring for PA reaction, but we still need be more organized. 

Our up-coming rising is going to be very creative, if we find  very well organized basis. Here are some steps that could be improved in near future to support Palestinian prisoners .. 

1- Organize and Call for a demo in your area,  do not care if there are only 10 persons. More will be joining you later. During the demo be sure to mention the rights of prisoners, as well as their current critical situation. 

2-  Print out and distribute the daily publications that document the daily life inside the israeli prisons. You could find all daily publications here :

3- Use social media tools effectively to tell your friends all around the world about the issue of prisoners. 

4- Remember that local people in streets do not have a twitter account to know all details we share with each other, so make sure to meet people in streets and talk to them about this issue. 

5- Contact all media agencies you know, in order to spread the word and the voice of more than 3500 Palestinian prisoners who are on an open hunger strike since 17-4-2012

6- Make sure to participate in events  not only in Ramallah, but also in other places in Palestine like "Kufur Ra'ai and Kharas ". 

7- Remember that sharing is caring, and you could think of more creative steps to support Palestinian prisoners. 

To be continued ...