Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eid's Diary – Part One

Here we go. This year My Eid decided to write his diary and share it with others. My Eid wants to talk about all aspects of Eid from his point of view. Until now, I do not know the exact age of my Eid. Some times, I feel he is five years old and some times, I feel he is a hundred years.  My Eid wants to understand, because the minute he would be able to understand, he would be the happiest man in the world. My Eid always argues with his mother and I.  He always asks about his father. He wants his father to be with him to celebrate the joy of Eid together.

Sometimes Eid makes me anger; his endless questions drive me crazy. Last night he asked me "where his father…is?"  I shouted and said "go to your bed, or you will be punished. "He cried all night as well as his mother. They made my mood very bad.  Whenever I decide to spend the Eid Vacation with them, I regret.  Both are not used to live without a father. I do nothing , just shouting and complicating the matter. However, they are very nice to be with them and have amazing memories. 

Eid wants to live a true moment of joy with his father and mother. His parents are not divorced. They got married in 2005. They were the coolest couple I saw in my life. Suddenly, the father became part of the past. He became part of our sad memories, and the cause of the painful moments. He had no will to make us part of this sadness, but his fate was unpredictable as well as the plans of his murders.

Eid refuses to understand the fact of losing his father so early. He does not want to believe that his father was killed…………..

                                                                                     To be continued.........