Friday, July 8, 2011

Sorry Salam Fayyad, You are a Thief, not a Saint… You are Officially Expired.

Sorry Salam Fayyad, You are a Thief, not a Saint… You are Officially Expired.  
Well, here we go … New day holds a lot of unacceptable and unexpected surprises. I think it was last Monday, I do not remember exactly what was the date of that ridicules announcement.  One day in July Salam Fayyad found himself setting without anything to do, so to kill time he decided to play his favorite game with people and media. After having his cup of coffee, he had a paper to write his new silly plan for Palestinians. Of course, we do not have to say no, or to object any of his great deeds, always we have to say “Thank You Salam Fayyad for your generous intentions, and plans”. Whenever I think about this statement I feel it like thanking the thief for stealing our house. I am not going to thank any thief at all, because I did not use to do so. I used to do one thing which is, reminding the thief that he is thief not a saint.
I do not know how we could live in such misery situation; Mr. Fayyad after wearing his   Giorgio Armani suit, and using his Locoast fragrant shows –up like President Obama to tell the scary, poor citizens about his new socialists’ principles. He said it with a big diplomatic smile expecting us to start thanking, kissing, hugging, and throwing him with red flowers.
None of us tried to thank, hug, or kiss Mr. Fayyad. All were shocked, trying to understand the new principle. The new principle is all about stealing our money with our fully approval and legal signature.
I saw people walking down in the street congratulating Mr. Fayyad for his cleverness in stealing money in such legal way. They were congratulating him for entering Genus recorder as the most talented thief in 21 century….
 Mr. Fayyad … I think you would be the first winner, if you participated in “ Arabs’ Got Talent “ Show …All of us will vote for you to win the competition , because you are really very talented thief …  
Well, we will accept your new plan of stealing salaries, and start living our life with half salary for every ten citizens, if you get rid of your Giorgio Armani suits, and if you give your Mercedes car for one of Rukab’s Street beggars … Then, maybe we will think about accepting the remain part of our stolen salary without any rejection….. Of course we will not accept, I am kidding…..
All I want to say is “Salam Fayyad, you are a silly thief, not a holy saint… go to hell, and let us live our life as we want. Let us resistance and get our salaries without any kind of humiliation. We do not want you, or your September state ….. Fayyad, you are officially expired. This land doesn’t want a thief like you”
Yours Sincerely,
A Palestinian Citizen living with the half of his stolen Salary ….

P.S The Fayyadian New Socialism Says “Every ten citizens must share the half of Salary, and the rest is to spend for the benefit of Salam Fayyad”