Friday, July 22, 2011

The Wonderful Mahmoud Abbas "1"

Mahmoud Abbas, or Abu Mazen ... It does not matter "1"

It was Friday when I decided to tell Mr. Salam Fayyad that he is officially expired. Now 22nd July, 2011 I am telling Mahmud Abbas too that he is officially expired. It seems many people and what so called “ leaders “ are being expired without realizing that. I do believe that Mahmud Abbas and others are expired , but they want somebody to tell them that harsh truth. To be honest and fair , not only Abbas and Fayyad are expired , but also Gaza government , all in all are expired … oh wait .. what a hell is that … am I saying silly things  about our  esteemed, venerable and  wonderful prime misters in West Bank and Gaza ??? Am I telling the wonderful Mahmud Abbas that he is officially expired ?? Oh My God  … It is roundness and egregious to say what I do not know , and to judge without hearing accused people testimony… telling people that they are expired is just like insulting the reputation of what has left of Palestine. I am destroying the transparency of the two governments we do have in West Bank and Gaza Strip , oh wait.. I mean the two governments which are not able to govern a sheep…..I must stop all that silly  things and go back to drink my coffee……………….. 

 I cannot be silent any more … I am sick of Palestinian Authority. I am sick of having two governments and having no land to govern .. I am sick of being treated as an idiot. I am sick of keep watching people dying of hunger. I am sick of living within frozen minds and dignity.
Abbas , before saying that are u officially expired , could you please quite and lets live our life as we want……   

                                                                                                                                To be continued …..