Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I wrote on 23rd June, 2002

 On 23rd June, 2002 I wrote the following random ideas in my diary, look how much things were  very simple in my point of view : 

"Sharon is still killing us. He is still invading Palestinian cities. We hear and discuss breaking news more than our personal issues. Our personal interests have vanished. We do not know if we will live for the coming few hours or not. The uncertainty is what we have and what we are talking about. For a while we stopped planning for the future. I stopped thinking about the new handbags and the colorful stationary. 
I am trying to understand why there are Gaza and West Bank, why they are separated as such. What I have understood till this moment is the following:

1- People who live in Gaza are Palestinians; they lost their land and houses in 1948.
2- They are humans and deserve to live their life in their original houses with great mount of dignity.
3- They are our brothers and sisters, they care so much for us, which means that we have the same blood and origins.

May be in future I will be able to understand other things about Gaza ,  but till now I am satisfied for what I found about people in Gaza.

In news always I hear people say West bank and Gaza. I do not know why they do not say Palestine; it is easier to say Palestine rather than saying West bank and Gaza. Even on maps we see that there are Israel, West bank, and Gaza. Where is Palestine?  We started using West bank and Gaza instead of Palestine. Are there any plans to make people forget Palestine? May be there are some political games, but I can not understand those strange and complex games.  "