Friday, August 27, 2010

She Is Middle Easter Girl

One day, suddenly, I realized that I live in Middle East.  I do not know if being of Middle Easter is good thing or not. I feel it is good thing, since I can be exposed to all kinds of Political hypocrisy.
What a Middle East!!! Some times I feel that I live in a place out of the galaxy.

In Middle East I live. In Middle East Palestine is existed.

One day, one of teachers at university told me that I must not show y feelings in my writings, other wise I will face a lot of troubles in my life. I wonder why most people are afraid from showing their feelings in their writings. For me, my writings - (or my fragments as some people like to call it) -are the only place where I can express all what I feel freely, with out being afraid of the unexpected consequences. By the way the unexpected consequences became one the main features of our life in Palestine.

Palestine and Middle East seem for some people as the main cause of problems in the world. From political point of view may be it is more complicated or less complicated. I say that because I am not a political scientist to examine the real status of Middle East in this sophisticated world.

In that Middle East you feel that you have to fight to keep your identity. Some may say which identity are you talking about? Do you have an Identity? I would say that I have an identity, and I must fight to keep it. I am not talking about my Palestinian Green ID card. I am talking about the fact of being an Arab girl at least.

One of my problems is that I do not feel comfort right now in Palestine.  I used to say that Palestine in my First and ever Homeland, but later things started to fall apart, so I started to say that Palestine in my First and last home, but not the current. Unfortunately some people like to interpret the last statement in a way fits their moods. This reading leads me to be in a critical situation with those who do not know how to read the letters that are existed between lines. In Middle East is very  possible to be misunderstood all the time.