Monday, June 27, 2011

Once Upon a time

"Once upon a time" Shall I start telling the story of poor generations by saying Once upon a time? When I was five years old, I was thinking that I will be very brilliant person and I would be able to tell so many stories without hesitation or having mistakes. Later, I discovered that telling a story is harder than creating a story. Being part of the story is the most difficult part you could ever have.  When we find ourselves part of the story, we had a strong will to make a change and make things better.  However, life always insists to tell us that we could be part of the story, but our will is not enough to make a change. When we find ourselves unable to do anything, we will realize how much it is difficult to be part of the story. 

Sometimes I ask myself why I am the weakest part in this story, but the answers always runaway. It seems that I must follow  answers and keep searching. Even finding an answer is very complicated process.
I wonder how I will start telling my children the story of my generation and the story of my antecedents.

I do feel sad for being one of the new generations. All people are building their hopes upon our shoulders. We do not realize that others are expecting something from us. We like to misunderstand others and believe all fake facts we see.  Somehow, there is someone leading us to reach hell. We are like parrots, we steal the right of imitation from parrots. Simply speaking we do not know who we are, or what we are doing. We became aimless and sooner will be faceless. I expect one day to lose my name. May be someone strange will come and telling me to memorize a number and ask me to forget my name. Everything is possible to happen in my land.