Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Calling for a Revolution !!! Calling for a Change !!!

“ Hi there !! Anybody there ? Do you hear me ? I can see you ,do you see me ?  I am pleading and begging to you, please go there , do not stay here. I need you there

P.S Do not ask yourself , what’s that ? … I am talking to my people in Palestine.

What we are waiting for? Are we waiting the other 22 Arab countries to create their revolutions and enjoy the taste of victory, while we are not able to fix our access to Al-Jazeera Channel?  Are we waiting to be more disconnected and more separated?  
Am I going to wait till getting an answer from one  of negotiation’s parrots? Sure, I am not going to spend the rest of my life waiting for silly answers from parrots. I wish if I could find another word to describe what so called “negotiators “. Time is running from me, so I am not going to use my creativity in searching for new descriptions for people do not have sense of responsibility toward their nation and themselves sometimes.
Last night, I decided not to ask any of these gang members for any favor. Honestly, I do not want to be insulted by Mr. Sa’eb Irkat. He is very excellent in insulting people instead of answering their questions. I am sure that all of you saw him while he is insulting miss “Haneen Al-Z’obi” live on T.V ….. He is not gentle any more … he is insulting women without being embraced … “What a man!!!”
I would like to tell all political parties in Palestine to go to hell and let us live our life as we want, not as they want. Simply speaking, we want to live our life according to our Agenda, not their agendas’. I wish if any of both parties could understand us and encourage us to start our new  revolution , or our third intifada… call it as you want. The most important thing is the change and the results we will got when we speak up our minds as other nations do right now. 
It is not healthy anymore to keep silent. We are in a time that keeping silent equals committing suicide, or recording new crime against humanity. Of course, none of my people want to have such kind of shameful deeds in his personal, or, humanity history. So the best solution Is not to keep silent anymore.  What we can do is just restore our minds, our frozen dignity , and our passion ,then going  to streets armed with stones and passion to restore our life and our Palestine.
If you are still afraid and still thinking about the possibility of making a change , please do me a favor and forward my message to those who able and want to create better life for the coming generations.
Here is the our words to be forwarded :  
Calling for a revolution !!
Calling for Change !!!
Hi ,
·        If you are interested in making a change and want to be one of those who will create a new history for humanity , please share us in our new revolution in Palestine …
·        you can register through restoring your mind and your frozen dignity , then going  to streets armed with stones and passion to restore  your life and your Palestine.
P.S If you are not interested in any of those actions and activities that might change your life and grantee better future for your children , please forward this  message for  interested people.

With all my best wishes for better life.
Ola Al-Tamimi “ Palestinian Girl lives in the eastern part of Palestine.”

Again, I am begging and pleading … do not keep silent , go to the street and create your own victory , plan for your bright future there , not in front of T.V.