Monday, December 27, 2010

The Road -2- Jaffa....

15th December 2010

On my way to my office in Birzeit University, accidentally I turned my face to the left side of road.  High buildings behind Birzeit Mountains …... buildings tell that there is a huge city looking at us  …. No, it is not Ramallah …. I know buildings there …. Buildings are very near as if we are in Ramallah … I need fifteen minutes to be there … it's not Ramallah … It is very near and clear … I see it … I can count buildings there … I do not see any walls , or any borders … so this city is here and very near. I can be there whenever I want.

I am asking my mate Huda about what I am seeing in my eyes … she tells me that it's a Palestinian village , then she says  oh do you mean those high buildings there , it's Israel. I am sorry I mean Palestine…"  I continue my way to my office silently thinking about my country, which is nearer than my office and my cup of coffee. My country is here … why I was thinking that my home is on Mars …My Country is very near and I am the one who lives far away. It's December's gift.