Monday, January 24, 2011

Unnecessary Suffering !!!

What we are waiting for? Just a simple question from someone does not like all complex aspects of our miserable situation. Once, my mother warned me from being like parrots and keeps saying some silly words without being able to understand what’s written between lines.
Today, I woke up and decided to follow all my mother’s advices, otherwise I will spend my day lost between lines.
I still wonder why some people - who claim that they are Palestinians - still insist to steal parrots rights of non- awareness repetition.
Many actions are invading my daily schedule without any permission. I hate living within invading status. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow, and where I will be? May be I will wake up to find myself on borders waiting with the other three millions Palestinians to cross to wherever point in this world except “ Palestine” Of course I will wonder who Is the main responsible behind this huge transfer for us .. But I am not sure if I will forgive him or not … What I am sure about is that I am not going to forgive any of negotiations’ parrots……
Its sham to keep silent… silence is our Nakbah …. Why we are still watching and do nothing? Again we are violating nature rules. Every action must have reaction, but in our case is to have too many shameful actions without any reactions.
What we are looking for ? are we looking for peace with Israel ? Israel is the last one could talk about peace. Just I wonder if we are really have minds to think about the miserable situation we live at.
Why do we insist to follow parrots and being like them while we could be human beings with great minds and great expectations.
Once Henning Mankell said in one of his short stories “ Sofia” “ Thus , one of the hardest things about our day and age is that so much suffering is unnecessary.” I would like to retweet  his statement and tell the parrots who control our life that there is so much suffering is unnecessary.
Why we are supposed to have all this suffering while we are able to solve our problems in better ways, for example , we can avoid this shameful process of negotiations and go back to resist Israel by stones as many people did when I was 2 months old. Is that possible may one ask  … I answer yes it is possible. Just deal with those parrots as if they are not existed at all.
What I have is to keep drawing my Khrabashat as a tool to understand what’s going on around me. It’s miserable and shameful to see people selling Jerusalem in this foolish way. It is painful to see those parrots selling what has left of Palestine as if they are selling iron.   
I still on my computer with my khrabashat while others are selling my Palestine. Sorry Mum, I wanted to be part of change, but ........
 I am sorry my dear grandfather , I wanted to go to open your little shop in Hebron’s Old City ,but I could not, I am not going to give you any justification , because you know the rest of the story.

Officially I lost  My PALESTINE.