Friday, January 28, 2011


Many actions are invading my life these days. Till now I am not able to recognize my feelings and reactions toward those actions. I feel an inner sound telling me not to be afraid. I used to be afraid of such kind of actions. But it seems that I must abandon the status of being afraid.

My Brothers and Sisters in Tunisia and Egypt are helping me a lot these days. At the beginning they helped me to get rid of a status of being afraid, and now they are trying to help me to get back my passion to make a change in my country.
Simply, they taught me how to express myself and love my land unconditionally.  They taught me how I can be simple and clear at the same time. This simplicity is all about expressing what I want and talk about my dream. So now I can tell everybody that all I want is to unleash the hidden voice that has become so desperate to stay trapped inside of me. I do not want him to nest inside of me. I want him to go and build his fame through great Palestinian Revolution. I am not afraid to say that my dream is to have and participate in our new revolution.

P.S I you read those words and were the last I publish at my blog, please tell my parents and Palestine that I loved them to death, and I am sorry if I let them down.

Your daughter