Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Every action has a reaction

Every action has a reaction. Nature taught us that principle since we were babies, also it taught us that the reaction must be suitable for the action, other wise the balance of universe will be extremely damaged. Some people tend not to believe that every action must has its own reaction, they want only some actions to have reactions that are not suitable for the action.

In my country, things are totally different and extremely complicated, for example, a lot of actions take place every day, but we never see the reactions. It seems that reactions are locked up in a place and wait fro some one to free them. The main reasons for this unbalanced actions and reactions are the two sides of equation, the governmental system and the people. The governmental system is the one who does the actions, we the people are supposed to have the reaction, but, we are not allowed to make any kind of reactions. If we were allowed to take any single step to express that reaction, the reaction would be unsuitable for the action. And by this way we will contribute to bring more unbalanced stories to the globe. Somehow we allow for the governmental system to restrict the limits of our reactions by being silent for a long time , thus, we the people contribute to shrink  our normal situation and vital role in making a decision.